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Kansas City’s Mobile Instrument Cluster and Speedometer Repair Service!

We repair 2003 – 2006 GM full size trucks, SUVs, and Sedan Instrument Clusters with non-functional, sticking speedometers and other gauges.

  • Speedometer Problems?
  • Sticky Gauges?
  • Not Reading Correctly?
  • Lights Out?

We will remove the speedometer from your truck, car, or van, and replace all moving parts with new updated parts. I can replace burned out light bulbs for no additional charge.

If your vehicle is not listed and you have any problems with your speedometer in any GM 2003-2006 vehicle we can help.

We have 30+ years of experience in the auto repair business, and Certified Electronic Technicians on staff.

We can also repair other makes and models. Please call to discuss availability. 913-515-5451.

Now fixing shift indicator and digital display for GM models 2003 – 2009.

T’s Mobile Instrument Cluster Repair was founded when we realized the need for more cost effective repair services.

Paying dealerships $500, $600, and sometimes more just doesn’t make sense. All too often, the major costs of repairs are travel time and other non-value added services. We also realized that most failures are due to poor manufacturing techniques during the production of electronic components overseas.

Frustrated with the replacement cost of obsolete industrial electronics along with common manufacturing defects within the industry, we decided that it was time to offer a better solution. T’s Mobile Instrument Cluster Repair was formed and has saved its customers thousands of dollars!

Contact us today 913-515-5451



Instrument Clusters” refers to any components of a vehicle’s gauges;
including speedometer, odometer, battery gauge, oil pressure gauge, temperature
gauge, fuel gage and Drivers Information Center.

These gauges can be either analog (the needle type) or digital.

In most cases all these gauges are housed in a single unit or cluster.
This may be also refered to as a speedometer, speedometer cluster,
instrument cluster, dashboard, instrument panel, combination meter, ipc, gauge
cluster or just plain dash.